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Cows are Considered as Sacred and Goddess in India
Cow is regarded as a form of Devi and its closely related to mother earth .The sacred cow denotes” purity and non erotic fertility, sacrificing and motherly nature, sustenance of human life. Believed all the gods are resides in body of Cow. The cow is mother to mankind whom we should love, respect and protect. Her dung provide bricks for many household and fertilizer for better plantation. Cow dung smoke is healthier than smoke of coal and gas. Her urine is used as medicine for sick. Where the cow live peacefully, enjoying drink and food where it breath remain rhythmic due to poise, there the negative energy wades off. Worship of and service to cow would bestow the ability to regulate senses. Devotional songs sung on cow bring much luck to human being. There is no wealth equivalent to cow on earth and there is no service equivalent to serving cow. What make Indian breed cow better than foreign breed?
  • Indian breed cow contain A2 gene .This is transferred into the milk which make milk more nutritious and healthy than A1 gene containing cow.
  • Scientist have proved that consuming A1 milk result in heart diseases, type 1 diabetes, autism, schizophrenia and obesity over a period of time. You must be wondering than why people drink A1 milk?
  • Because milk yield of foreign breed cow is 20-30 litres/day and that of Indian breed cow is 10-15 litres/day. And economically foreign breed cow is better compared to Indian breed.
  • Ayurveda considered the cow product in varieties of way to cure different diseases.
  • The cow is depicted as symbol of totem, wealth, health, purity, divine and mother. So respect mother cow for our and their well being.
Milk is as Pure as Mother Love
m poonam milk is as pure as mother love. We devote this milk to Mother and their little one.
There is nothing as pure as mother love in the world. We dedicate this milk to mother and their young one. Cow milk has innumerable health benefits and healing properties. Immensely praised in ayurveda, Indian cow milk is considered as best one only after mother milk. The kids generally have a glass of milk every morning. For people who are not consuming meat and egg; milk is considered as almost completed food for them. Reason to drink A2 milk by children
  • It helps in strengthening bone and teeth of children as it contain good amount of calcium.
  • Its helps in overall development of child brain and body.
  • Drinking A2 milk make your child body hydrated.
  • A2 milk can reduce cardio vascular diseases .
Reason to drink A2 milk by mother
  • Its helps in preventing obesity and reducing fats in body (especially belly fat)..
  • In pregnancy, calcium present in milk helps in strengthening bone of mother .
  • as well as child in womb..
  • Drinking milk in pregnancy helps in muscles contraction.
Note: Intake of adequate amount of calcium is essential during pregnancy. Calcium keeps yours bones and teeth healthy and help baby to develop his or her. If your calcium intake is inadequate, your body take the calcium that is needed by your baby. Milk is a rich source of calcium. But may be question arise in your mind which milk is to be consumed? Research shows that milk that contains A2 protein is not only nutritious but also easy to digest. But nowadays, majority of milk available in market is A1 milk which is not fit for consumption as it leads to diabetes, heart blockages and autism.So, what is the solution? It is ideal to take milk from locally reared Desi cow. Because locally grown cow get healthy food and water to drink, this is similar to what people are consuming. This makes the milk more congenial to people and make it best for them. So, how would you pick the best milk for your family? One that as pure as your loved ones. Well, answer is simple cow which get pure and healthy food. In other words,. We ensure that every day, fresh milk will be delivered at your doorstep daily, right from the farm of GIR cow. There is Nothing like the Love Between a Mother and Child
  • 25% of milk goes to calves
  • And rest is for our family
We are doing business but not for sake of calves. Here, at m poonam equal care of calves and her mother is taken. Our first 25% of milk is for her offspring and rest milk is for my family.Every mother loves their child and this hold true for animal also. We properly take care of cow and her offspring emotion. Happy cow is one, whose calf is fed fully and healthy. And we believe that milk produce by happy cow is happy milk. For that we fed calf, groomed her and render free. Every morning and evening before milking, first milk of cow is reserved for calf. Mother milk is considered as “liquid gold” for calves after birth.Most farms keep the calf away from mother and collect whole milk from cow for monetary benefits. This cause emotional disturbance on calf and it affect the quality of milk directly. And in many farms for economic benefits farmer rely upon quantity of milk than quality.And just like calf, we believe that every child who devoid of mother milk should get GIR cow milk. We build healthy relationship between cow and person who handle it, so that cow feels safe under his guidance. At m poonam we strive to build aesthetic environment for animals. Isn’t this kind of milk you would like for your child to have, as opposed to the one that was milked out of an unhappy cow that has starving or dead calf and is sinking in depression? Well, you have a question and we have solution, to rear happy cows and get healthy m poonam milk. But now this won’t happen as milk of GIR cow is sweet in taste and have rich aroma. COWS BRING'S HAPPINESS
  • Milk and other Indian cow products so pure, so good that it’s bring holistic health and happiness.
  • m poonam is not only limited to milk but it have many other product like ghee, butter, shrikhand, matho and lassi. This entire product is prepared from cow milk. So enjoy each product that gives you holistic happiness.
  • Getting kids to drink milk is most difficult task for some mother. This is because the milk that you get from supermarket is A1 milk and it is blend in taste, so children may not like it. But now this won’t happen as milk of GIR cow is sweet in taste and have rich aroma.
  • Light and tasty milk is ideal for all groups of people. m poonam milk is for everyone and every occasion. So enjoy a glass of goodness every morning.
  • GIR cow ghee is rich in flavour, pleasant aroma and golden in colour. Indian traditional sweet prepared from GIR cow ghee have mouth watering taste. Dishes prepared from GIR cow ghee are churma, motichoor ladoo, sukhdi, mohanthal, surti ghari and many mores.
  • Now, you have found solution to make your kids fall in love with milk and milk product. Then what are you waiting for?

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