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Every living creature need house to sustain. And cow is no longer different then other. We have 4 shed for cow, protecting from rain, excess sunlight and cold. To keep all animal at one place results in suffocation, so we keep area well ventilated. Plantation of trees surrounding shed to make them feel free, energetic and to avoid suffocation. Circulation of air from all sides of shed keeps cow in refreshing mood.We keep 3 bore well to meet animal water consumption demand. All bore well are attached with filter to remove dust and dirt from water. And supply clean and hygiene water to cow. We have separate room for:
  • Feed preparation
  • Medical room
  • Raw material storage warehouse
  • Milk chilling & packing unit
There is allocation of separate area for calves in order to prevent transmission of diseases from mother cow if have. Feed preparation Cow feed is prepared in one separate room to prevent contamination from soil. At m poonam cow feed is made with more than 10 different component. Cow feed contain all macro nutrient such as protein, fat, carbohydrates and minerals in balancing amount which is designed by experts. Cows menu designed by food Scientists:
  • Alfalfa (Rajko)
  • Jinjava
  • Jowar
  • Corn Silage
  • Tuver silage
  • Wheat Bran powder
  • Tuver chooni
  • Moong chooni
  • Groundnut cake
  • Fat Supplement
  • Mineral Supplement
All feed of animal are converted into small pieces for complete digestion by animal. And moreover, we grow all feed organically at our farm using organic fertilizer. Medical room We have separate Medical room to keep medicine and first aids kit of cow. In large dairy farm handling 300 of animal, chances for accident and illness among cow are more. And so, we have to be ready for such situation. Apart from that, doctor service is available throughout the day. We have 100 acres of land reserved for cattle grazing. And there are more than 100 medicinal herbs and plant over the region. Some of them are listed as Arduso, Javntri, Tulsi, Marvo, Lilia, Suva,Egotiyo, Bilipan,Dhatoro,Vanthali, Garmalo, Satavari and Ashvagandha. Now you can imagine quality of milk we serving you. After giving birth to calves, milk of mother cow cannot be added with normal milk as it curdles in short time. So, after properly inspection of doctor only, we add that milk (probably may be after 4-5 days). This type of facility and treatment may not be there in other farm. And this makes us different then rest. Milk chilling & packing room Milking of cow is done maintaining hygiene at each level. Only healthy cow are allowed for milking after proper check up. First milk of cow is for their young ones and rest is for my dear customer.Udder is clean with disinfectant prior to milking to prevent contamination in milk. Grooming of cow before milking helps to reduce debris and parasites on cow coats.After milking, milk is chilled at less than 5o C. To prevent growth of micro organism and make it fit for consumption. Milk is packed in 500ml of pouch later. Pouch film is treated with UV lights to kill all bacteria. We keep thickness of pouch film more than 50 micron to meet government standard. And it’s easy for customer to carry and not to worry if it falls from hand.Some dairy farm packed milk in loose pouch, so chances are there that delivery man makes adulteration by adding water in it. And some deliver directly through milk can which make milk unfit for drinking as it is open throughout the way and deliver man can add anything in it for monetary benefits. Environment surrounding Cow
  • Cows at m poonam are adapted to all seasons. If cow feel uncomfortable then its effect can directly be seen in milk production. And it is loss for both cow and my family members.
  • During Summer season temperature reach to 420 C in Surat. And prolonged exposure of cow to heat waves leads in heat stress. So, we have special provision of water spray and big fans over cow to control temperature of surrounding.
  • Insects are main cause for cow disturbance. And it results in sudden decrement in milk yield. Its comes through dung, soil and other faecal matter. So, we clean our cattle shed twice a day. And we make fire of neem tree leaves which act as insect repellent.
  • During winter season to overcome excess cold we tie cloth surrounding cattle shed. And its helps in maintaining temperature insides shed.
  • According to research, the cows find it easy to get rid of their stress when they listen to music. So we play soothing music while milking cow. It makes environment calm and divine. Moreover, devotional songs sung on cow bring much luck to human beings.
Cow Breeding
  • People have misconcept that cow is like machine which gives milk throughout the year. But no that’s not true, cow provide milk for 8-9 month then its go dry (not producing milk). In order, to regulate the cycle of milking it is necessary to make breeding of Cow. So what to do thereafter?
  • For that we do cow breeding naturally with healthy bull grown up at our farm. Healthy parents gave birth to healthy child same way as in human. We prepare 4-5 bulls right from their birth. All there feed & fodders are healthy and naturally grown at our farm on organic bases. Regular exercise of bull makes him fit.
  • From beginning of our farm, we didn’t borrow any cow or calves. We only make our calves ready in 4-5 years. This helps us to know the genetically history of cow parent and grandparent. And by this we can say that our milk is not only safe but pure & nutritious and can be drink by any age group of people.

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