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One step ahead in Health & Environment India has largely been an agrarian economy and has millions of people dependent on farming and its allied activities for a living. The technological advancements, globalization, and international trade have all further increased the need to have more farm produce in the country. As the demand increased, so did the greed to produce and sell more. In this attempt to get instant results and produce more, many farmers gave up the traditional methods of farming and agriculture that was passed on to generation for over 5,000 years. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides replaced organic and natural insecticides, Indian breed farm animals were replaced with high-milk yielding hybrid ones, natural crop seeds were replaced with genetically modified or GMO seeds to have an increased produce. But now people came to know- hybrid varieties do more harm to both the farm land and the consumer. Our ancestor used organics practices to grow crops but now in greed of more money people prefer synthetic fertilizer over organic manure. Do you know what m poonam do? We have organic certified land. Every plant, herbs, tree or vegetable grown in our farm with the help of organic fertilizer. Cow dung, cow urine and other biodegradable waste are converted into fertilizer over a period of time. Biogas Plant We collect cow dung and prepare slurry by mixing water. This slurry then injected in gobargas plant. Now, gases like methane, carbon mono oxide and hydrogen get evolve from slurry. And in presence of oxygen, combustion occurs. Gas generated in biogas plant is further used by our worker in cooking, heating water, etc. And we used same biogas in heating of milk and milk product. Cow dung and urine as bio fertilizer
  • Cow dung is an important source of bio-fertilizer, which works as an effective alternative to the chemical fertilizers, as it enhances productivity in the long run by increasing soil health. Apart from enhancing productivity, cow dung also minimizes the chances of bacterial and fungal pathogenic diseases.
  • After gas get collected, it remnants also used as a bio fertilizer in farm. There is no wastage of any product at farm.
  • Cow urine is a powerful and natural pesticides as it can effectively reduce the harmful effects of chemical pesticides on human beings. It’s also serve as a urea supplement to the plants. Gir cow urine contains sulphur, zinc, potassium, copper and iron.
m poonam has grown to become a name that stands for all things pure and natural

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